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A Week of New Friends

Posted by [email protected] on November 15, 2012 at 8:30 AM

We had a very exciting week! It all started with our first broadcast on NPR and receiving some wonderful emails from listeners. Alex and I love to hear from those who enjoy our story. I know Alex benefits greatly from not only the farm, but also, knowing he is helping others through the sharing of his story.

On Saturday we met some more new friends as we traded our grain silo for seven new additions to our goat family. We welcomed Bows (Alpine & Nigerian Dwarf), Latte (Alpine), Ketchup(Toggenburg), Thelma( Oberhasli), Maxine(Nubian & Alpine), Maple (Oberhasli) and Tuxedo (Alpine). We are also hoping for kids out of Thelma, Maple, Ketchup and Latte around April 2013. They were all bred to a Reg. Alpine buck named Adam who is the father of little Tux.

We are also getting ready for a cold winter by building better shelter for our goats, pigs and horse. We also took the smaller car port that was by our house and moved it into the pasture since it is perfect for the goats! We plan on fixing the walls on it to help stop the cold winds this coming week.

Our 6 little Pot Belly piglets are getting big and have discovered acorns and pears. It is so much fun to watch them eat with their Mom (Dixie) and Dad (Pumba) now that they are nearly weaned. We are in high hopes that the girls will make great mothers someday and the boys are going to make excellent table fare for us this summer.

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